“Share Your Fears With Mine” -new short fiction on Pangur Ban Party


I have a new story titled Share Your Fears With Mine on DJ Berndt‘s Pangur Ban Party.


Short Story on Shabby Doll House Issue 7

Picture 5

I wrote a short story titled ‘Black Mold’ that was published in Shabby Doll House Issue 7. Lucy K. Shaw provided the artwork for my story.

Lucy K. Shaw is the editor of SDH.
Lucy K. Shaw is wonderful.
Lucy K. Shaw is lovely.
Lucy K. Shaw is incomparable.

star tennis player

When I was 13, Momma and I drove to the high school down the street to play tennis.

She parked the minivan in the lot and we stepped out of the car.

She found $120 in twenty dollar bills outside of her car door.

I found $20 outside of mine.

Momma said she was donating her money to the Red Cross because of 9/11.

I said I wanted to keep my $20 and she said OK.

Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I had donated my money too.

Star tennis player.

Raging philanthropist.

I played tennis in high school for 3 years and then quit.

God works in mysterious ways.