i haven’t updated this blog in over a year but just realized it is the third result when someone googles my name so hello here i am i am back and i am doing a new post, but let’s be real, i’m only doing this so that i have another social media platform to share my new book on.


so yes, i wrote this book, it is poetry and it is fiction and it is very nice to read. it is open for pre-orders now. you can click this sentence and it will take you to a nice site that will tell you even more information about it.

thank u ❤





“Remember To” on Hobart


Elizabeth Ellen published a long sort-of-poem of mine over at Hobart last week. I wrote this in ~February of this year. It initially started out as only the to-do list and my friend Natalie Chin helped edit and suggested that I expand it a lot. Anyway, very happy with how it turned out and very happy to have it at Hobart.

this is some stuff i wrote tonight, that’s all

my mother texts me to say it is snowing and i close the text message and don’t look outside

i fold a paper crane out of a small square of blue paper with my eyes closed and put it in a jar with other paper cranes of different colors

there is some money in the jar too

my friend sends me an email and i read it and cry a little and decide to wait till tomorrow to reply

am i in proximity to someone who is also sitting in bed listening to the weakerthans, and if so, how do i find them?

i should wash this sweater, just the sleeves, bits of my face are in it

some people cut themselves to have control over something; i just clean my room


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