Photo 138

“Is it possible to care too much?” “Who do you think you care too much about?” “I just mean, in general.” “Sure.” “Really?” “Some people don’t deserve your care.” “But some of them do.” “I don’t think you would be asking that question about the ones that really do.” “Am I an idiot for caring too much?” “I think you’re a good person.” “I think I am a bad friend.” “Who are we talking about again?” “I’m sorry I am a bad friend.” “You’re not making any sense.” “I want to be able to show people I care.” “Do you care?” “I want to be sincere.” “You are.” “I got lost for a long time today in my own neighborhood. It’s like I couldn’t remember what certain sidewalks looked like in the wintertime.” “I miss you when it’s cold.” “Animals are good at self-expression because they don’t know how to be dishonest.” “Please listen to me.” “My hair is too long.” “I want you to hear this.” “I am an idiot.” “Yeah.” “I’m sorry I am a bad friend.” “Okay.”