it’s been a rough year

these are things i don’t miss
about the three weeks we spent together

the way your tongue
seemed too big for your mouth

the messy pile of junk mail
in the corner of your bedroom

your habit of falling asleep
on top of the blankets

these are things i miss terribly
about the three weeks we spent together

the way you laughed at my jokes
when i knew they weren’t funny

your coffee breath transferred to my mouth
when we kissed after breakfast

the tone of your voice making every word
sound like a quiet song

these are things that are possibly the reason
you no longer wanted to see me

i bled lightly onto your bed sheets
when i got my period in the middle of the night

you liked my hair down but the summer humidity
kept it in a ponytail everyday

i didn’t have a passport and you seemed
to always want to ‘get away’

well, i guess you did eventually.
those were a good three weeks.
it’s been a rough year.