the day after the first day of may, the day after my birthday, 05-02-2012

got up at 8 / drank 4 mugs of coffee at bohemian / did a photoshoot for rachel at mica / helped friends move stuff into their new apartment next door to my apartment / tweeted about marie calloway/noah cicero / got tired / went home / couldn’t sleep / panicked / stayed in bed / panicked in silence / stomach hurt / did nothing about it / organized a somewhat spontaneous tattoo date with jesse / decided what to get / smoked / walked to read street tattoos / got 2 tattoos in 20 minutes / tweeted about getting a sports related tattoo and not feeling very ‘alt’ / felt good about tattoos / bought an egg salad sandwich / hung out with roommate at home / listened to madonna and the young professionals / stomach hates me / shaun doesn’t want me to come over / his stomach hates him / shaun is drinking beer / i am in bed again / organs suck, etc. / today was long / and i guess productive / what if i stopped eating forever / there’s a name for that / (dead) / (skinny) / (beautiful) / (lol) / O.K.


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