sarah jean is 23.  5 years ago she was 18.  when sarah jean was 18 she wanted to have 5 children.  three years later, sarah jean was 21.  when sarah jean was 21 she wanted to have 3 children.  she will be 24 in less than a month and wants 0 children.

sarah jean’s sister tells her to touch her belly to feel the baby kick.  when it does, sarah jean recoils and says it feels like an alien is in her uterus tapping morse code signals and sarah jean never learned morse code in grade school or in college.  sarah jean’s friend alyssa described what a c-section operation looks like in vivid detail the other day.  sarah jean kept imagining the scene in alien when the alien comes out of kane’s chest–the chestburster scene.  babies are like miniature aliens, foreign to everything on this earth.  you can’t trust them.

sarah jean doesn’t like babies, or small children.  they are needy, she thinks, they are rude and dirty and ungrateful.  sarah jean used to be a baby, and she is still ungrateful.


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