You Wouldn’t Have Had The Chance

I didn’t ask you to fall in love with me
but I guess I should have told you
about the warning signs.

When I smile at something in your direction,
I’m usually thinking about being at home.
When I smile into your eyes,
I’m thinking about how handsome
I think you are with a beard,
but how much I’d rather feel your face.

I took so many pictures of you
in that park with the dogs and the flowers
and everything was lovely, really,
but I wasn’t falling in love, no, maybe, no.

Maybe if I would have stayed home,
If I’d have stayed away,
you wouldn’t have had the chance
to love me.

I cry a lot at night thinking about
other people’s heartaches
and how much better, or how much worse,
they would feel if they knew that
all these tears were spilt for them.


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