No One Ever Does

My whole body freezes over
when I expose my head,
face first into the
wet wind of Sundays.
The pill you forced
into my hand drops heavily
and I see in blue, blue, blue
when I dream of you.

I wore a hole through
the soles of my boots.
I never learned how
to be a light walker,
I’m a proper stomper,
a prompt stopper.

I don’t think I could
walk a straight line
if I tried,
but who are we kidding,
the lines they traced
are overrated and curved,
and we’re not trying at all.

My ears begin to burn.
Someone must be thinking of me,
relating my body parts
to their significant others,
Did you see how wide her hips were?
Do you think her eyebrows were colored?
They couldn’t possibly remember
the chip in my tooth.
No one ever does.


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