Where You Were Asleep

I just wanted to get out of the heat
and find a bit of shade to cover my skin,
my skin, which smelled of sun block and gin,
and I never thought my feet could hurt worse
than they did after walking four miles in dirt
to fourth street, your house,
where you were asleep,
lost in hazy dreams
and cotton bed sheets.
I clawed through the window screen
and fell onto the bathroom floor,
hair knotted against my scalp
as I tiptoed to your room and knocked on the door.
You jumped from the noise
and reached out an arm,
like I was just another part
of a new dream that was starting
as I closed my eyes
welcoming an approaching night
and your fingers got tangled
in the folds of my hair
and we exhaled as a pair
of strangers
who never got their timing right.


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