Until Then

When the sky can’t make its own decisions
and waits for God Almighty to inscribe
on the backs of the clouds how to behave that day,

when the wind shoots straight down,
scared and running from every
heavenly force in the blue,

when every blade of grass stands so straight
their spines snap in two and their insides
slowly slide down the green grooves of fiber,

when the rain turns to ice,
when the ice turns back into rain
and runs into the gutters,

when my hair falls out
and I die an old, old
woman, when, when,
when, when you
are ready, when
you are ready to
hear this
from me.


One thought on “Until Then

  1. That is a really great poem. That third stanza especially. The alliteration was just right, not over done, it really added to the rhythm.”slowly slide down the green grooves”, Wonderful! I also like that picture of God giving the clouds their marching orders for the day, like even nature can be lazy and indecisive. Great.

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