Two Halves

Oh, the way you made me feel.
I wanted to press my body against
cement and turn into the streets
we walked on, I wanted to stare
at you so ardently that you might
be able to hear the plea inside
of my lungs, my need for recognition,
just one moment of your time to
validate everything you made me
believe in the past few months.
Your eyes trained me to feel
like the first star you saw
every night, the one that shines,
but not bright enough to waste
a wish on it, so you scan the sky
for a more stellar option while
I suck myself into a black hole
and turn inside out, so maybe
that’s just it, maybe I’ll meet
you when this is all over, after
I’ve relearned how to function as
a compatible human being,
a practical counterpart to your
conversation, a whole person,
instead of two halves trying
desperately to meld themselves


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