Thought Vomit

He watched the girl studying by the window. She flipped a page every other second. She couldn’t really be learning anything that way.

He looked down at his own hands. His fingers were calloused, and he didn’t know why. His hands had always been rough and dry. He put his head into his hands and felt the heavy weight he was holding. Was his head heavier than other heads? There was a lot going on inside there, but he also thought at the same exact time that it was pretty empty.

He had a heavy, empty head.

He peered between his fingers. The girl was still rapidly flipping pages. He felt like he was going to throw up, so he put his forehead on the table. This is better, he thought. At least if I throw up in this position, it’ll go straight onto the floor, maybe even under the table. Maybe no one will hear me. Unless I’m really loud. Sometimes you just have to be really loud when you throw up.


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